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CEO Message

Since early last year, the world has seen wave after wave of the COVID-19 virus. First and foremost, I extend my sincerest sympathies to all those who have contracted the virus.

KTS is founded in 2021 to enhance and purify the testing, recruitment and educational services in Pakistan. We believe that education is the movement from darkness to light and change is the end result of all true learning. We have satisfied our many clients and customers by providing our services like Project Management, Operations Management, Data Management, Data Screening and Test Conduction. We deliver reliable, transparent, equity, fairness and purified services that make us unique in the coordination with organizations and institutions for the betterment of testing and educational system.

King Testing Service becomes a legal entity from the time of registration: owns a separate title deed and other rights, has a balance, payment and other bank accounts, closes with full Company name and ID code, corner and other stamps and other features be central to the best interest of company.

Not all the new challenges you face will be successful. In fact, you may fail more than your success. But that is no reason to sit back and do nothing for fear of failure. The fact that the future is not what it is today is also true of the financial services Company. Therefore, it is important to lay the foundations for the future today in order to achieve sustainable growth, even if it takes time for the results to emerge.

I and my team are professionally experts since last 10 years. We are providing our services in the area of Testing and Recruitment. We accomplished many Government and Private Projects in last 10 years. Now it’s time to take a new initiative towards Testing Universe to boost the Recruitment and Educational Process.

Some people have a negative view of the future of financial institutions. I am confident that the future has unlimited opportunities for financial services. As we move forward into this new future, everyone in King Testing Service will work hard to achieve sustainable company and community growth.

Who We Are

King Testing Service (KTS) is Splendid Testing Association which deals in Testing, Assessments and Evaluation for the Admissions, Scholarship, Entry Tests, Recruitment and Consultancy Purposes. Everything is planned by the KTS Board of Directors. The establishment of KTS is supported by the highly Professionals, Experienced and Experts Staff. The essential key of KTS is that to provide and endorsing transparent and fair Testing Services at all Schools, Colleges, Universities and Institutions as well as in Governmental Recruitment Process.


Innovation of new standards and transformation of existing testing and recruitment area.


To become a highly competitive firm that facilitates its clients and customer by reliable testing services in the country.

Our values


Do what's right and always speak the truth


Believe in the importance of work-life balance

Team Work

Lift each other up to achieve more


Keep dreaming and faster an environment for all to thrive


Embrace challanges and do your best


Take resposibility for what is entrusted to us